Get to Know Congress President

Q & A with the President of 44th Annual Meeting of the ISPN,

Mami Yamasaki MD, PhD


  1. My name is Mami YAMASAKI, I was born in a small island (Awaji) near KOBE. I am specializing in pediatric neurosurgery, in particular congenital hydrocephalus, fetal brain malformation, molecular biology, medical ethics and pediatric abusive head trauma. I used to work at Osaka National Hospital and moved to Takatsuki general hospital (TGH), where I established the department of pediatric neurosurgery 5 years ago.

  2. TGH is one of the hospital of Aijinkai health care corporation and its perinatal medical center is famous for its high quality and its large size. TGH has 1400 births a year and Aijinkai Health Corporation has almost 4000 births a year.
  1. The goal of ISPN 2016”
    The theme of ISPN 2016 is “collaboration honoring diversity”, which means cooperative study honoring difference. This annual meeting is the starting line for the fusion of new technology and classical methods in our field. And for the young generation in JSPN, ISPN2016 is a chance to come forward in the international society of pediatric neurosurgery.

  2. Why is this important?
    The fusion of new technology and classical methods is necessary for the progress of the pediatric neurosurgery.
  1. What is the added value/what do they get out of attending?
    As in the past annual meeting, the meeting will be filled with new progress and attendee will be inspired with evolutional thinking.

  2. What makes ISPN unique and different to other events in the field?
    Annual meeting of ISPN is the most historical and academic society in the field of pediatric neurosurgical, but has the most friendly and family-like atmosphere

Recent advance in the technique of molecular biology has opened new fields, such as research into pathophysiology of congenital malformation and establishment of new classification in the congenital malformation, pediatric vascular disease and pediatric brain tumor.

Research into new prevention method and treatment based on molecular biology.